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My Turn . . . by Susana Gordon

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In My Turn: Women Speak Out  women of diverse backgrounds and circumstances express their philosophies for living. Their thirty-nine short essays allude to inherited traits, emotion versus logic, creativity, moves to action and indelible lessons gleaned from interaction with others. As author and individual, I revel in the resilience of women and men to give… Continue reading

Wildlife Friends: Northwest Coast . . . by Georgia Cockerham

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Wildlife Friends – Northwest Coast is a whimsical, yet educational book of poetry for anyone who enjoys reading poetry for their own enjoyment or reading to children. The original watercolor paintings of wildlife lend themselves beautifully to the descriptive written words. One can imagine the chipmunks stopping quickly for a water break before scampering off,… Continue reading

Oh Galileo! . . . by Pete Chasar

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For five hundred years since your observations profound, We’ve known that our star Sun did not rise up and then down, But, instead, Earth in circular motions revolved and went ’round. Still today we proceed with dated words like sunrise, sundown, So despite your insights, flat-Earth thoughts still have us bound. My poem “Oh Galileo”… Continue reading