Artists in Community is a place where writers can come together on-line and share their work.  Writers thrive on feedback, and this blog provides a simple way for us to interact with each other.


It is very easy to join and become a contributing Author.  Bette will meet with you either in person or on the telephone to walk you through the process.  Edublogs is designed to be used by teachers of any grade level to set up individual blogs for the children in their classes.  As such it is surprisingly easy to use.  In addition to posting your original work, you will be able to add links to other places on the internet where your work is published or available for purchase.  You’ll also easily learn how to post videos and/or pictures to accompany your writing.

It’s also very easy to subscribe and be notified about each new post even if you don’t wish to contribute.  Just enter your email in the space on the top right side of the Home Page. When you comment on a post you can check the box below your comment and  be notified when other people post on the same thread.


To find out more you may call Bette at (541) 251-3252 or email her at bette@leadership2020.org

THANKS for being a part of our community!


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