The House . . . by Shirley

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I have always been fascinated by what I’ll label as psychic phenomenon. I believe we have all experienced the phone call that comes moments after thinking of a friend or loved one. Perhaps we have stood at a corner – an unseen hand holding us back – an accident prevented. There are many examples of ghostly visitations, of knowing a thing will happen before it does; the quiet whisper of assurance that all is well.

My books and stories are driven by characters whose lives are touched, if not run, by unseen forces. Do we have a guardian angel? I’d like to think so.

The House

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    • Hey Berma! Shirley and I are at the Bell and Whistle right now and she noticed she never replied. She says maybe there’s more to come! She’s thinking about compiling a book of short stories. I would like to see a collection of all her stories about houses … haunted and otherwise … LOL ;-)!

  1. This is most definitely a page turner … and you’re right, it could be a novel! When will I be able to read chapter 2? 🙂

    • Bette, hope this is the way to do this…I don’t know if I will continue this story at this time as I’m busy writing another book, but I’ll surely let you know if I decided to do it.

      • Yes … this is the way it works. I just figured out how to set it so that the newest comments appear first. It looks like you commented to my comment rather than to the story. They call that “nesting” comments … so I’ll post this and see how that works. Happy writing :-)!

    • PS … Just wanted to add … I love this line: “Our family had avoided making a splash in their shallow social pond … ” Told me a lot about the family … AND the town! 🙂

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