Dia de los Muertes . . . by Berma

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Calavera de la Catrina

While re-reading and “re-thinking” about this piece I realize it hints at the varied cultural experiences I have had the benefit of being part of.  I am white. And lucky for me, I realize I can only experience culture in that context and will never fully understand the experiences of my fellow citizens who are not white.

CLICK HERE:  Introduction to Dia de los Muertos

CLICK HERE:  Dia de los Muertos

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  1. I read this again, Berma, because Bernie talked about it a little bit in the discussion group before the service last Sunday. You describe this rich tradition so beautifully! I love what you said about the political cartoons like the one on this post – at first it just looked strange but your explanation shines a new light on it. Thanks!

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