Reflections and Bliss . . . by Jean B.

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I wrote this poem for my son 1994. He was having some major challenges in his life concerning his own little boy. It was not up to me to comment on this, so I thought reflections might help.

For the same reason I wrote Bliss for my son and daughter. I thought poetry can last forever, in a person’s thoughts, and sometimes help to decide what to do about a situation.

My mother was the leading force in our large family in England. She epitomized the English character at the time, very unemotional. So when I had my son and daughter, I decided not to tell my children what to do, rather show them by my behavior. My family were great readers and loved poetry. I wrote poetry for them.

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  1. Hi Jean … and I’m sorry that this group has been so unstable since you came! I think we might be figuring it out a bit and I’ve committed myself to making this site work better for everyone.

    I just reread your poems and this line really hit me hard:


    This past year has been extremely difficult and I have to keep in mind that my daughter and I will make it through and be stronger for it!

    The other thing that hit me when I read this is the book I just posted. I’ll let you read what Georgia Cockerham wrote about it. It would be wonderful if you would reply to her if you feel led. I would love for this site to be “conversational” … and now that I know why people weren’t being notified I can begin to do something about that. There’s a little box you have to check where you click to post. :-)!

  2. Thank you Betty, so much , I have much to learn about face book.
    This is my first brave attempt.
    When I lost my dear son in 2006, (first trip out, working on a crab boat.) he, the and Captain drown) Gold Beach. Something I read in the Port Orford News Paper.
    hurt me so much I never wanted to go on Facebook.
    You and the other ladies have given me the desired inspiration to go on, with
    what I have left to do.
    May your God bless you,
    Jean Bennett

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