Wild Card

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Wild Card  by Kimberly Blanchard  (11/16)


I’m playin’ with a wild card hiding somewhere in the deck

Just what you’re gonna do next I don’t care to make a bet

We’ve been down this road before so I know where it always ends

I should throw my cards down now, stop this mad game of pretend


Could it be the joker or perhaps the queen of hearts

Whose gonna break down first and tear this game apart

We’ve been playing for so long I just can’t concentrate

The light is ever dimmer, not really sure if it’s night or day


Been waiting on a winning hand for way too long to hope

Been looking toward the future, praying for strength to cope

Like the dealer in the card game you have the upper hand

You know where that next ace is while I fail to understand


Just how we can continue when the pay-off is so small

In fact how can you really say we gain anything at all

The truth is it’s a losers game and you’re the one who’s winning

But like a gambling addict I’m still waiting for a happy ending


So when will you give up your hand and show me what you’ve got

I already know just what we are, come on show me what we’re not

Let’s just get it over with so I can stop this wishful thinking

The game has lost its magic and there is no chance of winning

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  1. I love this Kim! Have you finished the music for it yet?

    By the way … You did the Tags right … now go to Categories and uncheck “Uncategorized” and check “By Kimberly Blanchard” :-)!

    I stayed overnight with Linda Margarian in La Canada and am driving to Palm Desert this morning. See Linda’s poem at http://artistcommunity.edublogs.org/2015/03/07/my-changing-reflection-by-linda/

    (I’m not sure if that link is going to work …. just playin’ here 😉 !

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