Age-old Biases Hurting Human Progress

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• That property ownership is a God-given right. (The ownership illusion becomes obvious after wars, floods, lava flows, earthquakes, etc.)

• That the material world is made up of solids. (All things are actually energy events—light waves pass through glass; X-rays pass through steel.)

• That up and down is real. (Earth is not flat; Sun and Moon don’t really rise or set.)

• That cubes and squares are structures. (It requires triangular bracing or a continuous surface to make them stable.)

• That there is something called a straight line. (There are only waves; even light doesn’t  travel in a straight line.)

• That there is a first, second and third dimension. (Fourth dimension and sixth dimension are the reality; even a “flat” sheet of paper has six sides.)

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    • Time is traditional answer. But Fuller’s fourth dimension is a physical one and based on the fact that a tetrahedron (object with 4 triangular sides) is the minimum model of space. Not sure on the sixth, though it could refer to the axial spin of the 12-sided dodecahedron. I’ll have to check. Fuller has said that his explorations of dimensions went even beyond six, but he decided that the numbers became meaningless, so he stopped the experiments.

      • OK, Pete …. I understand all the words you wrote up until the “minimum model of space.” I have a friend who has looked into dimensions beyond six … and from time to time I understand something he’s talking about … LOL! I really am fascinated … but I need the “Cliff’s Notes” or “Bucky Fuller for Dummies” version to get it!

        So … explain “minimum model of space” …

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