For Sam . . . by Kimberly Blanchard

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My dear friend Billie Furuichi lost her beloved two years ago.  Isamu (Sam) was fishing in the Metolius River when he lost his footing and was swept downstream.  Billie was there, on a bridge overlooking the river and saw go, but was unable to even get cell service where she was to summon help.  This poem was written in Sam’s honor…he was a gentle man who always had a smile for you.  He is missed now and forever!

For Sam


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  1. This is beautiful, Kim … and Berma’s right – I can hear you singing it. I didn’t know Billie Ruth or Isamu very well, but I remember her beautiful art work and his sushi! Such a tragedy …

    • Thank you Bette…Isamu was a great guy and I hope that he knows we are thinking about him
      and loving him. I’ll start working on a melody and see what happens so I can play it for Billie

  2. You have told the story so well and I can kind of hear you singing this… and playing your guitar. Hope it ends up set to music.

    Thanks for sharing.

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