Technology and I . . . by Terri Hagstrom

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I have never felt that I fit into today’s technical world. I wrote this poem for a writing group, and then presented it at Artistic License in April. There was a great turn out that night – the Brian Scott Gallery was packed.  Thank you Angela Ewing for organizing these gatherings and giving local artists a place to shine!

CLICK HERE:  Technology and I

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  1. I was lucky to hear you read this at Artistic License. Your voice gave it an extra level of “punch”. It was clear from the audience response that nearly everyone shared the sentiments you expressed to some degree. I must admit, however that I have crossed over to the dark side. Just trying to imagine “living off the grid” sends me into moments of grief and panic. Thanks for sharing, Terri.

    • I agree with you, Berma! I was looking for my phone the other day (something I find myself doing quite often 🙁 ) and it hit me how dependent on it I’ve become. I no longer even HAVE a “little black book” and I don’t even know my MOTHER’S phone number by heart. And I don’t even want to think about the pictures I would lose! Somebody suggested that I store everything in “The Cloud.” Uhhhh ….. what does that even MEAN???

  2. Terri,
    I enjoy this poem of yours that I’m able to read through a blog-type website on the internet:))

    Keep writing!

  3. I love this, Terri. A real voice said this, not SIRI, or maybe she/it should? Robots Revolt! This seems such a theme of aging doesn’t it? These are our LIVES we are living, and some not so well, thanks to the complexities of trying to thrive in crazy-world. I appreciate your ability to tackle this topic so rhythmically, now we should set it to music and make it an anthem for the Revolution. Oh, I am inspired!

  4. Cute poem, Terri! I identify completely … it’s all moving so fast!

    I did learn something about this website though. In order for it to say “….Continue Reading” on the page I’m calling “Our Writing” … there has to be at least 4 lines of text. That wouldn’t be a problem … except that if “CLICK HERE” is on that page – the link to the actual poem doesn’t work. I’ve gotten around that with Karl’s poems by actually starting the first few lines of the poem instead of an introduction. I got around this by adding the two sentences you wrote when you first sent it. That still wasn’t enough … so I added the “thank you” to Angela. I’m really looking forward to being back for the next Artistic License! :-)!

    Now … YOU have to reply either the poem or my comment and CHECK THE LITTLE BOX THAT ASKS TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN OTHER PEOPLE COMMENT. Otherwise you won’t know when you get feedback.

    I love this! It’s fun and it keeps me connected to Brookings.

    Love from sunny but WINDY Palm Desert! :-)! Bette

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