Encounter with a Masterpiece . . . by Terri

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This is a vignette and a poem about my travels in India in 2011.

My friend and I were traveling in Dharamasala where the Dali Lama makes his home since exile from Tibet. It had a combination of Tibetan and Asian architecture. The town was surrounded by the snow covered Himalayan mountains. We toured the cultural center with its brightly colored rocks and Tibetan prayer flags. We saw the artists doing intricate sand paintings, and toured the museum housing the photographs of the Chinese occupation of Tibet . . .

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  1. Me too! Great title . . . Actually I love BOTH titles. The poem “Moments in Time” really spoke to me. I’m so fascinated with the concept of TIME. That’s why I call my workshop “It’s About Time.” I’ve also thought of those moments like little gems . . . maybe pearls on a string that we can go back and savor anytime we want.

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