A Kick in the Head . . . by Kathryn

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I wrote this from my concern for the environmental distress we are seeing in our beautiful Ocean and posted it in my blog, “Grandma Books’ Blind Faith Journal” on October 27, 2013.

I frequently write on ecology issues. Recently at a writer’s conference in Crescent City, I told my fellow writers that I blog on art, biography, biology, crafts, ecology, environment, fables, farming, gardening, poetry, prayers, stories, and inspiration. Thanks for including my link on the Blogroll, Bette.

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  1. I’ve called the Ocean many things, sacred ocean, living ocean, source-of-all-life ocean, and World Ocean. We now know that our Planetary Ocean is not the only one in our solar system, and there are certainly others in the Universe. So Ocean is short for our own World Ocean, which is the Mother of all the waters on Earth. To read my report on the Ocean’s Health, which I researched for 12 months in 2012, read my Facebook blogs from November and December of 2012. You can find them and all my other writings on Facebook at “Grandma Books Blind Faith Journal”.
    –Kathi, aka Grandma Books

  2. It seems that people quickly forget or disregard the small steps that individuals can take to protect the environment and that is what I need… the on going small acts to make the world better… healthier. It is a message that is worthy of repeating… along with the bigger, more political acts. I loved the video at the Salon.

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